• Chest Freezer with Lamp
  • 230/240V
  • with Lock
  • Metal Base,
  • Outside Condenser
  • Anti UV
  • Dimension: 98x56x84.5 Cm (W x D x H)


Panasonic chest freezer 300 liter has certain advantage that makes it good for your business and home use. This freezer has some features can improve the convenience in using them. They are usually equipped with baskets that can be derived.

Thus, it provides access to the frozen-food packages in the lower part of the window. In addition, the cover, as a rule, has a counterbalancing mechanism that makes them easy to open.

The light in the cover gives a good coverage. Panasonic chest freezer 300 liter is effective type of food-freezing device that require manual defrost. Little moisture enters the freezer, however is not required more than once or twice a year. Defrosting can be achieved best to pull the condensing unit. It has a closed cabinet that doesn’t allow ice to disappear. You can use this freezer for commercial use by, putting large quantity of fish, water, turkey and other sea food.


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