Samsung 32 Inch HD LED TV-32J40003- Black


Key Features
  • FHD/50Hz
  • Depth (47mm), VNB (7mm)
  • Color Bezel (Silver)
  • Soccer Mode
  • 2 HDMI/2 USB
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Take picture screenshots while watching TV.

Easily capture your favourite TV moments on the screen at the push of a button and save the image on an external storage device connected to the TV. You can view the stored image anytime and re-live your favourite moment.

Record audio while watching TV or from any other source. You can easily replay it whenever you want.


Transfer content from one USB to another via TV

The H5100 understands your content sharing needs. You can now swiftly transfer your photographs, movies and music from one USB to another through the TV, without depending on a computer.

Discover a new reality in Full HD


Thanks to a resolution twice as high as standard HD TVs, you can now enjoy a greater level of home entertainment realism than ever before with your Samsung H5100 FHD TV that delivers a breathtaking viewing experience, taking you beyond the screen into a world of total immersion.

When you’ve seen the rich and vivid texture of Full HD images, your favourite TV programs and movies will never be the same again. Discover reality with a full high definition experience.

Sansung TV

Samsung H5100 is equipped with block capacitors that allow the TV to absorb lightning strikes up to 15KV. Also, each chipset is coated with Silica Gel and Anti-humidity glue to protect the TV from moisture. Finally, the TV comes with varistor blocks and capacitor that can withstand up to 750V of high fluctuation.

With ConnectShare Movie, simply plug your USB memory drive or HDD into the TV and instantaneously enjoy movies, photos or music. Now, you’ve got access to a wide variety of content in the comfort of your living room on your TV.


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