Scanfrost Gas Cooker 3 Burner 1 Hot Plate


  • 3 Gas burners and 1 hot plate
  • Gas oven
  • Gas Grill
  • Outer finish
  • Auto ignition & grill
  • Gas oven (baking) for all models of 5 series
  • Knob guard
  • Dripping tray
  • Euro-type burner
  • Ms pot grid
  • Stainless steel top
  • Wire shelve
  • Fire proof cable
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scanfrost gas cooker online


Cook food efficiently and in quick time with the Scanfrost Cooker. It comes with 3 burners and an electric hotplate which makes cooking faster and more convenient. With this gas cooker, you can cook different types of meals at the same time, thereby ensuring you spend less time in the kitchen. With well-designed knobs, you can adequately regulate the amount of heat being applied to your food. The Scanfrost cooker burns cleanly so your cookware will be free form black soot. One good thing about this gas cooker is that you do not need to wait for it to heat up.; once you turn the knob and strike a match it will light up immediately.


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